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The Gurney Slade is the brand new Amplitude Modulated phone transceiver for 80 or 160m - I doubt you will find an easier way of getting on air - simple and low cost! The RX can be built on its own first. Ideal for Radio Club projects. It is the subject of articles in the August and September 2017 issues of Practical Wireless.


I have recently changed the AMU design to make the variable inductor easier to build. It now uses switch selected toroids. In other respects, the design is unchanged and still incorporates a matching bridge and it can drive balanced or unbalanced aerial systems. Suits most aerial and feed systems in common use over 2 to 30 MHz!


The Halse and Hatch are going well! Together they form a nominal 5W Single Sideband phone transceiver for any one of the 20, 40 or 80m bands, with an emphasis on ease of construction.


Don't forget that readers of Hot Iron get advance warning of new developments!

The Kit Designs

There is a wide range of designs, with something for most radio interests and construction abilities. These kits are for people interested in analogue radio! You can start with a small project or build your own complete station.  The circuitry is what I concentrate on with the aim of maximising 'performance' for whatever you decide to spend. Most of the kits can be easily adapted to add facilities, because of the simple mechanics and the wide range of accessories. All kits are built in stages with testing as you progress so that, with the extensive instructions, you should develop a good understanding of how the project works and thus succeed first time! When combined with low cost mechanics, these kits provide excellent value for money and most will satisfy the practical examination aspects of obtaining your licence. Choose from:-

I also publish the quarterly newsletter Hot Iron which is sent by e mail to those who have specifically asked to be included on the distribution list; it contains mildly technical articles (with very little maths), kit design ideas or outline information, questions, builders kit experiences, general electronic news, etc on semi-technical subjects, with advance notice for new kits - so why not tell me your e address now! I am always delighted to have material for it and suggestions for topics that might to be covered.

Links to other interesting QRP related sites

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I hope so! If not please tell me what's missing - I am always delighted to have suggestions for new kits. Any comments or questions are very welcome to me, Tim Walford G3PCJ, at the address below or via e mail to This site was last updated on July 12th 2017.

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